Stock Transfer Services provided by Reliable

Transfer Services

  • New securities issuance, control and compliance
  • Validation and ownership and transfer of securities
  • Maintenance of shareholder records
  • Stock splits and stock dividends
  • Securities safekeeping
  • Dividend disbursements (including preparing shareholder lists on the record date with relevant disbursement information, calculating stock dividends, ordering and printing certificates, mailing certificates and replacing lost certificates)

  • Client Reports

    • Auditor's Confirmation
    • Detailed Journal Analysis
    • Transaction Updates
    • Certified Shareholders List
    • Update of New Shareholders
    • CSE Listing Statement Services
    • CSE Letter of Confirmation
    • Transfer Agent Verification Form
    • Certificate Verification

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      CUSIP & ISIN Services

      • New CUSIP and ISIN Number Requests
      • CUSIP Issuance


      Mailing Services

      • Mailing of Shareholder letters
      • Annual & Special Meeting notices
      • Annual Reports and any other significant shareholder information
      • Quarterly financial statement mailings
      • Management Discussion & Analysis reports


      Shareholder Communications

      Administration of requirements to communicate with both registered and non-registered shareholders and provision of client services to complete National Instrument 54-101 requirements. Shareholder communication services includes :-

      • arranging the printing of proxy material;
      • co-ordinating broker search and distribution of shareholder materials;
      • addressing and mailing proxy forms;
      • providing Scrutineers for shareholders' meetings;
      • administering the mailing process through each stage;
      • receiving, verifying, and tabulating proxies returned physically;
      • providing updates on the voting results;
      • attending meetings to verify attendance and report on votes cast;
      • provision of final meeting reports on attendance and voting.


      Administration of Initial Public Offerings and New Issues

      • Acting as a Subscription & Escrow Agent receiving funds in trust
      • Issuance of security certificates from treasury to the subscribers
      • Attending IPO Closings


      Warrants & Rights

      • Providing administration of warrants and rights issues to ensure that all aspects of trust indentures are for the benefit of the Issuer and warrant holder or rights holder
      • Monitoring and processing funds received, so that securities are issued and funds are disbursed to the company in a timely manner


      Escrow Agreements

      • Acting as a third party under escrow and pooling arrangements governing important assets such as securities certificates


      DWAC & DRS Services

      • Providing DRS and DWAC Services via an arrangement with the US based Worldwide Stock Transfer.
      • Reliable has partnered with Worldwide Stock Transfer who will act as a secondary US agent.
      • Reliable clients can have access to electronic processing services such as DWAC (Deposit/Withdrawal at Custodian) and DRS (Direct Registration System). Worldwide is a part of Depository Trust Corporations (DTC) Fast Automated Securities Transfer system (FAST) which enables electronic share transfers via Cede & Co (DTC’s nominee name) to participating broker/dealers


      Shareholders Meetings

      • Assist with annual meeting of shareholders in Compliance with NI 54-101
      • Plan all aspects of meeting, fix record and meeting dates
      • Assistance with drafting of Management Information Circular, Proxy and Other Shareholder Materials
      • Assistance with printing and mailing of meeting materials
      • Preparation of Chairman's script for the meeting
      • Attendance at meeting as Scrutineer and acting as Meeting Secretary and providing the preparation of meeting minutes


      Stock Options and Warrant Services

      • Maintain, administer and update stock option plans, spreadsheets and warrant registers
      • Monitoring stock option and warrant exercises


      Treasury Directions

      • Preparation and submission of treasury directions for private placements, stock options and warrant exercises